Get ready to take control


I’m not going to tell you how to fix your life. I’m also not going to try to change who you are. Instead, I will give you the skills you need so that you can get back up and be your own hero. I’ll teach you how to find your voice, claim power over your life, and fully be yourself.


My Service

My approach is creative and engaging. I take your life and wellness very seriously. Healing is hard work and I’m not down to mess around!

I work best with individuals who are ready and willing to take responsibility for their lives and who can roll with my very direct approach (and pop culture references).

I also work well with individuals who have found that more traditional forms of talk therapy just didn’t work for them.

If we agree to work together, I will be completely committed to you and your healing journey.

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What Is Chairwork?

I specialize in a therapeutic modality called Chairwork. Chairwork is a way of doing therapy that is engaging, energetic, and challenging. It requires us to speak directly to our problems and not just vent about them. We speak to people in our life instead of complaining about our difficulties with them. We relive our difficult memories instead of just telling stories about them. 

We speak to our hearts directly instead of wrestling with them.

I have found this way of working to be very powerful. Shifts and resolution can happen very quickly and, in some cases, just one session. Chairwork may also be adapted so that we can take things at your unique pace while you get used to it.

If you’d like to read more about Chairwork, visit the Transformational Chairwork Psychotherapy Project


In my journey as a healer, I have taken a special interest in certain issues related to:

Childhood Trauma

Abortion Trauma

Gender Identity

Sexual Identity

Social Justice

Racial Justice


My Practice

Sessions are by appointment only.

Monday-Thursday: 12pm-8pm

45-28 21st Street, 2nd Floor.

Long Island City, NY 11101

Court Square E/M/G/7


Training and demonstrating Chairwork internationally

I found Chairwork as a graduate student and have been practicing it for over five years. I work closely with Dr. Scott Kellogg, Director and Founder of the Transformational Chairwork Psychotherapy Project. As a co-trainer and presenter, I’m training and demonstrating Chairwork in NYC and abroad.