Session rates

Initial Session (90 minutes): $180

Follow-Up Session (60 minutes): $180

30-Minute Session Extensions: $75

Session structure

Initial Session: I will spend the first portion of this session doing an intake and learning more in-depth information about your primary concerns, history, and therapy goals. The second portion of this session will be spent doing Chairwork, and we will choose a specific challenge to work on based on the intake. You will leave our session having a clear idea of how I work and if we are a good fit. If you decide not to continue working with me, I’m always glad to provide you with a referral.

Follow-Up Sessions: Sessions typically include a general check-in and a bit of “talk therapy” before we transition to Chairwork. In some cases, I may also assign some structured self-care, homework assignments, or some recommended reading. 


Session payments can be made with most major debit cards, credit cards, HSA cards, and FSA cards. Patients get enrolled into AutoPay on my secure, online booking and payment system for easy payments and receipts.

Insurance & Reimbursements

I do not accept insurance and am considered an out-of-network provider. This is for a number of reasons. Insurance companies often dictate the number of sessions and length of sessions a patient can have covered. They usually don’t cover video or phone sessions, which means that patients cannot continue care in the event of travel or illness. They also require a mental health diagnosis to qualify for reimbursement. By not providing a mental health diagnosis, I am able to keep your records completely confidential and there will be no diagnosis on your permanent health record. 

If you do want to receive reimbursement, I provide Superbills that can be used to submit for insurance reimbursement. If your insurance plan provides out-of-network benefits, you will get reimbursement checks mailed directly to you.